Immigration project approved by the Chamber

Imigrants Photo

The House passed two immigration bills that set a path to citizenship for millions of people. This project aims to restore humanity and American values ​​to the immigration system. The first bill would impact children illegally brought into the country. About 2.5 million people who arrived in the US as children would become eligible for citizenship. This bill would eventually allow most undocumented immigrants to become citizens. Currently, around 4,500 children are in the custody of Customs and Border Protection. In the first week of Joe Biden’s presidency, his efforts to reverse former President Donald Trump’s tight US immigration policies were successful. The new executive policies change Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, which has resulted in the separation of many families. Immigrant rights activists have insisted that the Biden administration allow affected families to be reunited. He had promised to stop most deportations for 100 days. About Biden, more unaccompanied children are being allowed to stay in the US. 2. The second bill is the Agricultural Labor Force Modernization Law. The new law would provide a way for agricultural workers to attain legal status. It is estimated that at least half of the 2.4 million rural workers are illegally in the US. Through this bill, the US will provide farmworkers with important labor protections and legal rights that they never had before and that they desperately need today. Democrats supported the bill, and most Republicans opposed it. Votes from at least 10 Senate Republicans are required to pass the legislation. The bipartisan immigration deal is seen as one of the top priorities of the Biden administration. Democratic-led states and immigration groups fought in court in cases related to US immigration policies.