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Psychological Evaluations for Immigration

A comprehensive, expert evaluation conducted by a psychologist can help keep you from being deported.

Have you lost an I-601 hardship waiver case, asylum case, criminal deportation case, or a VAWA Abused Spouse case? Do you lack documentation to prove hardship, abuse, or mental health issues? If you’re struggling with the immigration process, you’re not alone. There are tools, tips, and resources to help you stay safely in the US.

How Can Valid Hardship Cases Get denied?

The most common reason legitimate hardship cases are dismissed is due to lack of adequate documentation. Immigration lawyers often require more substantial evidence to win a hardship case. A psychological report done by a professional can help show a judge or USCIS officer why your case should be approved.

Learn everything you need to know about the impact of a psychological report for immigration, what type of immigration cases they’re best for, and how to arrange an evaluation for yourself.

Who Are Psychological Evaluations For?

Psychological reports add tremendous value to the immigration case. Even if your application has been denied, you may be able to re-submit your claim with stronger documentation to sway even the most difficult immigration officials. If you’re just starting the immigration process, move forward with your immigration proceedings with proper documentation to help your case.

Will a Psychological Evaluation Help my Case?

A psychological report done by a professional can help keep you in the US. Reports are often an asset in major immigration proceedings, including:

  • Extreme Hardship Cases
  • Victims of Domestic Violence (VAWA)
  • Political Asylum Cases
  • Victims of Criminal Activity (U Visa)
  • I-751 Good Faith Waivers
  • Humanitarian Visa
  • T-Visa

Proving you have a legitimate reason to be in the US can drastically reduce the possibility of being deported. Here’s how to do it.

How Can I Arrange a Psychological Report?

Has your attorney recommended that you get a report from an immigration evaluation therapist?

Claudia Ribas is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in helping immigrants stay lawfully in the US. Don’t worry. The process is simple, easy, and quick!

What Happens During a Psychological Evaluation?

Evaluations include questionaries send via email and 1/2 zoom interview. In the questionaries you’ll be asked questions about your immigration issues, family history, relationships, work history, medical and mental health history. These questions are essential to understand your case and why you deserve to stay in the United States as a lawful citizen.

Always keep in mind every immigration case is unique. Your psychotherapist might use various methods, instruments, measures, and techniques, including surveys, health inventories, self-reports, and cognitive tests during your assessment. Again, this is nothing to be worried, scared, or embarrassed about. This is your truth. The right hands must see it.

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You have a legitimate reason to be here. Navigating the system can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. You don’t have to do it alone.

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